Volunteer Opportunities

Who We’re Looking For

Solving the current COVID-19 crisis takes a team effort. We’re looking for passionate, creative, relentless volunteers who believe in our mission to provide humanitarian relief in the fight against COVID-19.

At the COVID Foundation, we encourage everyone to challenge the norm, be a changemaker and be part of a remote team that isn’t deterred by time, borders or language—but is truly a family built to support our mission.

Why Volunteer With COVID Foundation

Started by NYC native Ben Wei on March 22, 2020, the Foundation has quickly become a platform for PPE distribution, funding efforts, partnerships, and exchanges on issues related to COVID-19.

Not only does the Foundation have the ability to accelerate PPE procurement through its global supply chain, the Foundation thoughtfully distributes PPE for optimal social impact thanks to our broad network and knowledge of our volunteers.


Director of Philanthropy / Fundraising (10-15 hours per week)

Fundraising Coordinator (multiple openings, currently NYC based, 2-3 hours per day)

Grant Reviewer (5 hours per week)


Community On-site Volunteers (multiple openings, currently NYC based)

Director of Distribution (multiple cities, currently NYC based, 5-10 hours per week)

Program Director of PPE to medical frontlines (remote, 2-3 hours per day)

Supply Chain / Order Management (LIC, NYC based, 2-3 hours per day)

Testing Coordinator (5-10 hours per week)


Director of Finance (5-10 hours per week)


Director of Public Relations (10 hours per week)

Video Content Creator (10 hours per week)


Governmental Relations (5-10 hours per week)

Community PPE Partnership Management (2-3 hours per day)

Health Systems Liaison and Coordinator (multiple cities, currently NYC, can be remote, 5-10 hours per week)

Partnerships Coordinator (10-15 hours a week)