COVID 19 – Is Telemedicine the Future of Health Care?

Featuring: Greg Jarzabek M. Myra S. White, Hassaan Ebrahim, Debbi Gillotti, Chad Hiner RN, MS, Roger Hackett and Mahenoor Yusuf

Key Takeaways:

1. Telemedicine Technology combines hardware diagnostics, software platforms, and Medical Practice guidance & services. The menu of services possible is expansive, and COVID 19 demonstrates the need to expedite availability.

2. Telemedicine has global reach that can restructure the supply and demand for healthcare.

3. The Rural Urban Divide, and the low income vs. high income divide can be addressed through hybrid offerings via extended reach in the USA and overseas. Regulation and policy across states, and across borders needs to be streamlined and optimized for shared value.

4. Telemedicine can provide a cost effective alternative to cover many existing gaps in the current medical system. These include follow up medical treatment, clarification, diagnostics, and maintenance of care e.g. remedial exercises, and medication adherence.

5. Telemedicine is powerful, and the privacy, governance, and innovation mindset are important to establish Social acceptance.

6. Telemedicine is the future of medicine, and it is critical that all stakeholders are at the table to make sure it is the right future.