Maintaining Mental Health

Harvard in Tech Seattle presents a video discussion with Dr. Amy Mezulis, a Harvard Alum, Co-Founder & Chief Psychologist at UpLift, Prof. & Dept. Chair of Clinical Psychology at Seattle Pacific University. We explored how to maintain mental health during COVID 19 pandemic.

Key Takeaways:

1. Do not be afraid to seek help

2. Take initiative to connect, physically distancing but socially engaging. Find ways to meaningfully engaged with family and friends.

3. Stick to a normal routine. Set activities to a normal schedule – work, family time, meal, sports, friends, sleep and Include time off.

4. Take a problem solving approach when faced with different socio economic triggers caused by COVID 19. (i.e resource constraint, unemployment). Take a deep breath, manage your anxiety and take steps to move forward.

5. When parents are burdened with so much pressure of working from home, teaching at home, taking care of household stuff, taking care of children, entertaining or keeping them engaged, it is ok to lower expectations and re-prioritize.